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Designs by Dij History

Designs By Dij (pronounced Deej) was started by Khadijah, aka Dij in the fall of 2016. Dij has always had a love for anything creative and artistic, and has always had an eye for colors, patterns, fashion & design, so she decided to fuse it all together and viola, Designs By Dij was birthed. Dij always tells people "If you find something that you feel absolutely 'zen' and at total peace doing, then that's your thing! Ride it until the wheels fall off!".  Designs By Dij is your one stop shop for all things: unique & handmade. All of her items are made by hand for a truly individual touch. Her slogan "Crafted With Care; Made With Love" definitely shines through her designs, and you can tell that she loves doing what she does. "I've always loved Fine Arts. I'm a Musician, and I'm also an Artist. There's many facets to me, and I'm just thankful to share my love with the world."


"Our mission is to change lives, one greeting card at a time. You have so many stores out here that sell beautiful cards no doubt, but how many can say that they are completely made by hand? Not many. Most are slid through a printing press and reproduced. The beauty of Designs By Dij is that EACH card is crafted at the hands of our team, and there are beautiful messages placed in each card to fit the vibe. But the best part is that you as a consumer, you as our valued customer have the option to personalize your sentiment to what YOU want it to say. That's the magic of handcrafts!"


"Our vision is to take Designs By Dij nationwide. Our cards aren't just the ordinary cards off the street. These are keepsake Specialty items that are sure to leave an imprint on the recipient's face for a lifetime. "

We can also customize the greeting card!

We'll do everything we can to customize according to your needs!