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Good day, beautiful people! Welcome to DESIGNS BY DIJ!

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Khadijah, a.k.a Dij (pronounced <Deej>) and I am the CEO, Head Designer & Artist at “Designs By Dij”.  Originally hailing from the The Great Lakes state of Michigan, I am currently residing in Mississippi. I’ve always been very goal oriented, and have always had an “entrepreneurial state of mind”. My hobbies include writing, reading, going to the mall, bike riding, and going bowling, so that  I can remember just how awful I am at it  (lol). I hold an all-time record: “Queen of Gutterballs”. Lol.   I love to laugh, and enjoy life. I’m a  Singer/Songwriter/Pianist, and have been singing since I was in diapers;  and have been writing songs and performing on a stage since the tender age of 11.

I have many interests, but they all tend to revolve around the realm of Fine Arts. Fine Arts include (but are not limited to) Music, and any sort of Art—and these things are what I have found that I thrive the best in. I have always had an eye for color, style, patterns, fashion & design, coupled with the talent for art. I founded Designs By Dij because I noticed that in my spare time, if I wasn’t sitting at a piano, I was somewhere creating something with my hands. I would always feel so ‘zen’ and at peace when I was doing arts & craft. I’ve always been good with sketching up designs, and mixing and matching colors, and creating beautiful things.  So, I decided to take things to the next level…and thus, birthed Designs By Dij!

Designs By Dij is your one stop shop for professionally HANDmade Greeting Cards & Envelopes. (Coming Soon: Invitations). We create unique & 3 Dimensional keepsake and specialty items for ALL occasions. The great thing about Designs By Dij that sets itself apart from a generic greeting card aisle or store is that YOU as the customer are the boss! You, as the customer can have a choice of either selecting a specially written sentiment from us, that will put into words how you feel, if you can’t find the words. OR you can create your OWN sentiment for the inside of the card. Greeting Cards from the store lack personalization and are just generic cards that are reproduced on a printing press. NOT HERE. Another great thing about our cards are that they are unique and are not anything that you can find in your local stores. Our slogan is: ‘’Crafted With Care; Made With Love” and you’ll feel the LOVE in every design that we make.

Thank YOU for trusting US to get the job done. We are so appreciative for each and every one of our lovely customers! We hope that you will always keep coming back to us for your Greeting Card needs, and we hope that you will also spread the word! We appreciate the business and will continue to give great customer service and products!


We can also customize your Greeting Card!

We'll do everything we can to customize according to YOUR needs!