The Heart of Wakanda Pillow
Designs By Dij

The Heart of Wakanda Pillow

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"Black Panther" was a compass for a whole generation. It wasn't just was fulfillment. It was pride. It was...EVERYTHING.  These facts are what birthed this design that we actually began creating in 2019, long before we knew that the world's favorite superhero was fighting a shocking battle.

 This is an INSPIRED Black Panther design; not to be confused with an attempt at an exact model of the characters in the movie. The goal was, and always has been, to show homage and create an inspired piece that glorifies the essence of royalty, culture, and history.


18x18 inches
100% polyester
Double Sided Design
Machine Washable &
Pillow insert included (handwash only)
Resilient polyester filling retains shape

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