About Us

DESIGNS BY DIJ was officially created in the Fall of 2016 by CEO/ EntrepreneHER, Khadijah (DIJ), an aspiring creative connoisseur. She aspires to be well versed in many artistic disciplines. Her artistic roots broadens across the horizon from anything musical, to written word, and even composing. Music has always been her first language, but she also has always had a love and niche for art, design, color, and patterns and could put the most interesting colors and designs together that the average person thinks would clash. That's just her: always finding unique and different things and seeing the color and beauty in them, then making them mesh in a cohesive fashion. 

With music being what she's always been MOST passionate about, she was forced to take a hiatus from her studio recording sessions and singing in general when she had a serious bout with her vocal cords and was given strict doctor's orders for vocal rest.  Those days were quite excruciating for a person who eats, sleeps and breathes music.

However, this was when she really had time to hone in and cultivate her other love: ART. She began to really start nurturing and polishing her gift, and some of her crafts caught the eye of many elites. For special occasions/birthdays, she would gift people with one of her handcrafts, and she loved to see how someone seemingly having a bad day would light up just from a custom, heartfelt sentiment. Many of her brothers and sisters in the community encouraged her to take things to the next level. This is when she began researching her field and realized there was a gap in the marketplace for something as unique as the handmade items she created. 

As of 2018, she has expanded her business to offer gift items. She specializes in gifts and greeting cards for all.