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Black Health Care Workers Nurse Face Mask For Black Women

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Frontline Workers Of The United States

The front line workers of the United States have been the backbone of our country since 2020 when Covid-19 first hit. Front line workers all over the United States have put on their face masks, their hazmat gear, and all other necessary protective gear and have gone into the hospital to care for patients who have fallen ill from Covid-19. Black health care workers have had to be especially careful. 

They have literally risked their lives to save ours and countless of other Americans. There is a common saying in today's age, "Not all heroes wear capes" and this is certainly true of the healthcare workers. They are true heroes to whom we owe a debt of gratitude and would never be able to thank enough, especially the black health care workers of the world. 

Black Health Care Workers

Statistics prove that African Americans are more susceptible to Covid-19 than any other people, so this is an ode to our black nurses, black health care professionals, black doctors, and black frontline workers for risking their lives to save ours. Black health care workers have had so much more to loose because of the way that Covid-19 is attacking the African American community. Studies show that this virus is affecting the black community at an alarming disproportional rate.

Yet, black men and black women have not allowed these proven facts discourage them for going into work and caring for those who need them most. This is why we especially shine a light on our black health care workers: for over a year and a half, they have had the most to lose.

These special black health care worker face masks honor the heroes who happen to be women, to celebrate them and give them something special to wear, as they go into work daily. 

Front Line Heroes 

The definition of a hero is a selfless and genuinely good person who causes change and works for the betterment of a safer world. A hero is someone who is willing to risk their own life to save another life; someone who has great strength, tenacity and ability and uses those characteristics to help the next person. These definitions are why health care workers, nurses, doctors, and those alike are considered heroes in the world's eyes. 

Featuring elastic ear loop, this mouth mask is large enough for covering nose and mouth, very comfortable to wear. One Size: Fits Young Teens and Adults. • 6oz. Made of 100% polyester.• High elastic ear loop for comfortable wear.• Large enough for covering nose and mouth.• Advanced printing technology, presenting vivid images.• Easy inserting filter chip, but not including filter chip.

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