National Diversity, Discrimination Against Muslim Women, and Moving Toward A Post-Racial America

"In diversity, there is beauty and there is strength." These words from famous beloved poet, Maya Angelou. 

What Is National Diversity Day?

National Diversity Day always kicks off on the first Friday of each October but is observed for the entire week of October 1st through October 7th.  National Diversity Week is a week dedicated to celebrating and understanding the importance of diversity throughout the community. I can certainly speak a lot on the topic of diversity, but I will keep things a bit succinct by simply describing myself in 3 words:

Black. Muslim. Woman.

These three words are some of the most polarizing topics in the world. In this climate of social injustice, we as black people have first hand knowledge, and unfortunately, probably have had firsthand experiences, with being marginalized for the color of our skin. The majority of the black community can relate to having been ostracized simply for being black, or for wearing our natural hair to work, and the list goes on and on. So, we should certainly be able to empathize (in some form or another) with the feelings of those who are marginalized because they "dared" to believe in what they truly believe in, cover themselves just as they please, and not be afraid to be who they truly are.

My goal is to shake the table and normalize beauty in diversity. Yes.... I'm a Black. Muslim. Woman.

And proud of it.

Since I was young, I've always had a growth mindset and outlook on life--never begging to sit at tables that didn't welcome me with open arms, but always figuring out a way to build my own table. Then, I would create my own space and invite others to pull a seat up at my table and feel celebrate and loved on. I thrive the best in adversity and it's where a lot of my creativity gains its wings. My motto has always been "Use your difference to MAKE a difference" and I've dedicated my brand to celebrating the beauty in difference and championing self-love, representation, and empowerment.

But just because I personally am simply unbothered and disconnected from society's standards of what is considered acceptable and beautiful, does not mean that the next person has reached this point. The more we build bridges to a new way of thought and tap into the fact that not everyone's the same, and that it's a pretty good possibility that we will cross paths with people who are different than we are, the more we will be able to handle others with acceptance and open hearts; without inflicting the same kind of hurt and vitriol that have plagued us through the hands of racism, on others.

Let's let that last sentence breathe for a second.

Diversity In America

Diversity is actively shaping the United States and when we live in a world full of "difference", it's about time that we shift our warped way of thinking, embrace that difference and celebrate the beauty that lies within it.

If we decide to add anything at all to the world, let's make it our common goal to add more love and understanding and less hate.

Let's continue to fuel a broader and more inclusive world together and let's take pride in fostering a culture of celebrating difference. 

I am me. I am different. I am unique.

I am a Black. Muslim. Woman.

Do you feel that there's a lack of diversity? Comment below.



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