black lives matter umbrella
Designs By Dij

'Black Economics: The Akoma' Unique Black Lives Matter Umbrella

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Let's Get Into These Deets!

Two words for you: You. Matter. 

You are strong, you are resilient, you are powerful! In this social climate, and at a time when our voices are being muffled, this beautiful umbrella features empowering art that illustrates the strengths, strides, and power of our black culture! This novelty umbrella is a display of dope black art that was designed to represent black kings and queens in a way that is honest and true to self. 

This powerful statement piece serves as a constant reminder for others and even for ourselves that black lives matter, despite the challenges that we may face on a day to day basis for simply just 'being black'. Our Akoma umbrella is indeed a celebration of black love and celebrating the true essence of who we are, while not being afraid to stand loud and proud in our own melanin skin! 

The Other Details:

This umbrella can keep you cooler on those sweltering days and keep you dry in all seasons! For extra support and durability, it is also fortified with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out and defends against the elements like no other umbrella.

• Matching umbrella sleeve
• The top coverage measures a perfect size of 46 inches.
• Hefty rubberized handle provides a comfortable sturdy grip.
• Semi-automatic operation, can open it with one hand in one second.

The Akoma images are protected by copyright laws.

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