I Matter African American Unique Umbrella
I Matter African American Unique Umbrella
I Matter African American Unique Umbrella
I Matter African American Unique Umbrella
I Matter African American Unique Umbrella

I Matter African American Unique Umbrella

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Unique Umbrella On Deck:

This black natural hair art called 'I Matter' was designed to showcase the beauty of black women and girls in every positive form and fashion. Celebrate the beauty of your melanin skin 365 days a year with this stylish and unique umbrella that's decorated with African American artwork and inspirational power words in every strand of her afro that describe the black woman to a T. We are celebrating natural hair, 3c, 4a and all across the hair grade spectrum. We do not discriminate, because it is ALL beautiful!

Remind the world that you are a descendant of black royalty.


When you purchase our unique umbrella online, you are purchasing a statement piece of black art, black history, self love appreciation and natural hair enthusiasm all wrapped into one. This fashionable natural hair umbrella will not only match your outfits, but it will also inspire some outfit choices that you will make 

As we like to say: it's a win for the culture any way you slice it! 


Note: We also offer 'I Matter' matching items including: Pillow, Tote Bag, and Shoulder Slingbag. 

This unique outdoor umbrella can keep you cooler on those sweltering days and keep you dry in all seasons! For extra support and durability, it is also fortified with resin-reinforced fiber glass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out and defends against the elements like no other umbrella. When you're leaving the house, it will be easy for you to remember to pack your cute umbrella, because you will want to flaunt it at every single chance that you get. 

• Matching umbrella rain umbrella sleeve
• The top coverage measures a perfect size of 46 inches.
• Hefty rubberized handle provides a comfortable sturdy grip.
• Semi-automatic operation, can open it with one hand in one second.

I Matter Queen images are protected by copyright laws.

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Customer Reviews

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Sheeka Credle
Show stopper

The quality and looks of this umbrella is unmatched. It's so beautiful and not to mention people will admire it.
Great customer service is always a plus.

Absolutely eye catching

I recieved my umbrella and I just love it. The graphics and the colors are beautiful. It is definitely a statement umbrella and I love that it speaks FOR me. "I matter" is such a simple phrase that triggers some people especially during these times. I will not apologize for anyone feeling uncomfortable simply because I exist. Thank you!

Cory Bennett
Thank You

My daughter absolutely loved her umbrella. It’s like no other product we have ever seen and I really love the originality. I will definitely support again and share.

Absolutely in love

I love everything about this umbrella... I love that the girl on the umbrella looks very similar to me as well... Also packaging was super cute & customer service was amazing. Would recommend!