Personalized Great Gift Set of 3 Ceramic Custom Coasters

Personalized Great Gift Set of 3 Ceramic Custom Coasters

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The Best Part About Personalized Custom Coasters

Our handmade custom coasters are the new secret weapon for thoughtful gifting and personalized keepsakes. They are the perfect gift choice for every gift moment. Take joy in being known as the best gift giver in the crew. Infuse your own sense of humor and personality into the wording on your custom personalized coasters.

The greatest part about personalization is that you can incorporate those family nicknames that you would normally never find on a coaster. We allow freedom for unconventional terms of endearment with the designing of these coasters. If your name for Grandma is "Grammy" or "Madea", we can design that specific name on our coasters. Also, if you share certain inside jokes with your family and friends, we can design that specific phrase on coasters as well.

The possibilities are endless. Enjoy yourself while sipping drinks of your choice from these personalized coffee coasters. They come in handy when hosting a group of girlfriends, or co-workers over at your place. They are also great to wrap up as presents and save for one of your gal pals' birthdays. This set of 3 coasters is really the gift that keeps on giving and your friend will be reminded of you every single time they place their drink on top of the coaster that you give to them as a gift. 

Custom Coaster Specifics

Each coaster is hand applied, hand poured, and epoxied and they are fully customizable coasters. This set of personalized beverage coasters comes complete with your choice of words and images. These ceramic coasters have a cork backing that will prevent your tabletop from getting scratched and leaving unwanted marks behind. 

Fill out the customization text with 3 phrases that you want on each of your coasters. Include your color choice or random colors of our choice will be selected. Be sure to keep your phrase succinct, as not much text can fit on these 4'' x 4" coasters. Six words maximum for the greatest results. What's included: 3 ceramic coasters with cork backing. 

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