Khadijah - CEO & OWNER


Our mission is to shine a positive light on what makes us beautiful, while celebrating the power and depth of our black culture.

We have a story to tell and although we aren't all one in the same as black people, we share the same experiences and it's what connects us as a whole; it's what makes us feel for each other and empathize so well with one another in times of challenge AND in times of triumph. We can all be so different, we can be total strangers, we can come from all different walks of life, different backgrounds and different faiths, but there's this unexplainable common thread that just connects us and unites us as a culture because of the beautiful layered complexity of our melanin skin. Our story is so incredibly entrenched in rich culture, tradition, and strength and it has gone uncelebrated for far too long. The minor blemishes are glorified by society ten times faster than our strides, and ours story of greatness and legacy is never quite captured in the beautiful way that it should be captured. Representation and diversity lacks.. and as a woman who doesn't fit the mold of society, that just didn't sit well with me. 

This is how our Designs By Dij cultural creations came to be. We always aim to create pieces that are self affirming and that center black joy, while reflecting some of our shared experiences, empowering beauty, and accurately encapsulating our shared emotions and feelings.


I created this brand to give us permission to love on ourselves. We've been denied love for so long, that now... we have completely taken our power back and have given our own selves permission to boldly and freely love on us as much as we want. Our brand feeling explores all of the -ations that you've missed and that will give you back all the feels... Celebration. Affirmation. Representation. As you accept our brand into your home, I hope you feel special and celebrated- because you are.


Hey beautiful people, Khadijah here...better known as Dij. I am the founder, creator, and designer of Designs By Dij. I've always been quite the creative soul and innovative thinker, so it's not shocking that I'm in this space in this moment in time. But yet and still, I didn't quite see myself doing exactly what I'm doing. But that's the beauty of life- when you live it a little, it has its way of uncovering all of the little parts of you that you have yet to explore; and helping you discover your talents and gifts in that area. Watering it a bit and nurturing it along the way grows into something even bigger, and that's how I winded up here.